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Motorscooters abound about the globe and are often default mode of transportation in many countries, the most notable exception being the United States. The purpose of this site is to expand motorscooter usage, particularly in the U.S.


Easily ridden by a child, a woman in a skirt, or an aging couple, and clearly the least expensive form of motorized transport anywhere, the scooter opens the road to all members of society. To ask questions or simply to read about the experiences of other scooterists, please visit visit our Motorscooter Discussion Forum.

If you have been working with/riding scooters for a while, please visit our Motorscooter Links Page where you can post your own favorite motorscooter links and visit those others have found to be of value.

This journal is for motorscooter anecdotes, insights, and analysis beyond basic informational content (There’s lots of that. See below).
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