Bus, subway, train, bicycle, skates, motorbikes, walking — all forms of green alternative transport which have become much harder and more dangerous to use in modern society. There are many factors which affect transportation choices but one serious disadvantage of these choices has not received enough notice.

When you do your errands about town, how many stores do you need to visit? What do you do with your purchases when you go into another store? With shoplifting scanners across the exits and armed security prominent in most department stores, supermarkets, etc., one can’t help worrying about the very real possibility of accidentally falling afoul of security with disastrous results. Given the frequency of technical malfunctions, misidentification, and the very real possibility of having an item in one’s possession which one could be accused of stealing, shopping can be highly hazardous.

Under-Seat StorageShopping in a car provides a level of convenience and safety that many have come to take for granted. Most shoppers would not cons9ider carrying merchandise purchased from one store into another, but would stow it away in the trunk before going on with their shopping. If shoppers have no trunk to stow items in, and particularly if they, in an earnest effort to avoid waste, bring their own bags with them, the potential for false accusations of theft is very high.

Unlike travelling by foot, bike, bus or motorcycle, however, riding a 100 mpg+ motorscooter does not leave one entirely without secure, lockable storage options (See Motorscooter Storage Issues). With a lockable compartment beneath the seat and another in the form of a trunk in the back, the scooterist is not entirely without a place to stow merchandise as she completes her errands. Though some motorcycles do have trunks, it is uncommon as they can be awkward things to swing one’s leg over. With the step-through frame of the scooter, locking trunks are a very common feature. The locking under-seat storage compartment is nearly universal on scooters.

Though not really feasible for stowing rolls of Christmas wrapping paper, a sponge-mop nor multiple watermelons, but scooter storage compartments work very nicely for many other things.