Women Belong on Scooters

She takes her place at the helm


Unlike the motorcycle, a woman on a motorscooter is not at all out of place. Far more often than is the case with motorcycles, the woman takes her place at the helm (See Motorscooter Lib.).

At the same time the most practical and the cheapest form of transportation, the scooter is, in many places, the symbol of coming-of-age (See Dating and Motorscooters).

Motorscooter Freedom

The scooter is the first vehicle of the teen her way to full emancipation. See Motorscooter Freedom

The motorscooter is freed from the stereotypical role of the male domited motorcycle world.


See Dating and Scooter Culture

In Bangladesh, the scooter provides the means for women to play a major role.“a whole generation of role models who are having an impact on their sons and daughters. In the local governments, they may still be in the minority, but they will have influence. From the home to the roads to the market place, these women are making a tremendous change in society.” From Women on Motor Scooters: The Road to Success in Bangladesh

Modesty in a skirt

Modesty in a skirt just doesn’t happen on a motorcycle.
See Motorscooter Advantages.


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